Ethos and Sustainability

Lawrence realises the importants of sustainable making. He believes that it his responsibility to provide the consumer with a product which has minimal damage to the environment. 

Using prodominently wood in his designs he appreciates that although it is an orgnainc sustainable material, forsest managment has been neglected. Using FSC certified wood makes sure all of the timber used comes from a well managed forest. FSC stands for 'Forest Stewardship Council' This credible organsiation identifies the well-managed forests and allows the designers and makers like Lawrence to specially select the wood from these forests.


Why Lawrence uses wood.

Wood is both renewable and sustainable, It is always growing and when felled it allows the younger trees to grow producing a healthy woodland.It is an efficient insulator, in turn helping to reduce our energy usage.


Why Lawrence Uses British Wood.

  • British wood has not been transported around the world, minimising the carbon emissions.

  • British woodland is closely controlled by the Forest Stewardship Council.

  • The more investment in British wood the more it helps ensure that our forests keep growing in size.

  • British forestry supports trades and crafts.


'Using British wood gives value to our woodlands. Without value, we will lose our woodlands.'

Vastern Timber